Digitalizing Warehouse Data with Autonomous Drones

Autonomous drone platform powered by computer vision offers visibility into warehouse inventories at costs lower than most other alternatives.

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What We Offer

Fully integrated end-to-end solution for automated inventory counting

Autonomous Drone

  • World's first drone with complete autonomy engineered for warehouse
  • NO human pilot, NO prior mapping, NO beacons, NO markers
  • Ground station for battery swapping and data transfer (coming soon)

Inventory Management Software

  • Easy-to-use web application
  • Store, analyze, and visualize drone data
  • Schedule flights for drone scans
  • Monitor flight status


Powerful technology enables powerful solutions


Easy to deploy. Easy to use.

Our patent pending camera vision based autonomous technology can be deployed with no structural changes to your warehouse.

Once installed, our intuitive user interface with WMS integration allows practically anyone in the warehouse the power to digitalize the inventory data near real time.


Minimum upfront cost. Fast return on investment.

Our autonomous drones are ready to fly on its own without a human operator after a short installation period thanks to real-time onboard processing capability. No new personnel or infrastructure investment required.

With the flexibility of Robot-as-a-Service subscription model, you will be in control of your budget.


Versatile use cases. Scalable to additional warehouses.

You can use our drones for pre-scheduled regular cycle counting during down times, or dispatch our drone on demand for ad hoc inventory check.

Our drones can be used for pallets on high racks or for floor stacked inventories. Success at one warehouse can be replicated at other sites with ease.

Who We Are

B GARAGE was founded in 2017 by two PhD graduates from Stanford University. After having spent 6+ years researching robotics, computer vision, aeronautics, and drone autonomy, the co-founders set their minds on building a future where aerial robots would become an integral part of our daily lives without anyone necessarily piloting them.

With that vision, B GARAGE embarked on its journey towards making autonomy affordable to any businesses. The name B GARAGE is an homage to Willow Garage, a widely respected robotics research company that developed an open source Robotics software platform, as well as a celebration of our humble beginning out of a garage. We continue to hustle and work hard as we strive to set the standards for autonomous drones for the enterprise.

We have now grown to include a number of top-notch senior engineers and others with strong background in their respective fields. Many of us are holders of Master's or PhD degrees, and have several patents and research papers under our names. Together, we have the common goal to redefine the user experience of drones and to expand the horizon for the use of drones, including in the GPS-denied environments.

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